Responsible sourcing/Fairtrade

Here at Jade Wedding Rings we understand the importance of Fairtrade and responsible sourcing, it stands at the forefront of our company ethics. As we strive for perfection we work with trusted suppliers who follow the supply chain of gold so make sure the gold mines standards are kept clean, safe and all workers have access to medical supplies and fair pay

"The responsibility falls to us to make sure we are sourcing gold from an ethical supply chain where mine workers have good working conditions and are paid fairly."

- Jade Wedding Rings

Fairtrade Wedding Bands

Why fairtrade gold

When buying Fairtrade Gold you will be supporting artisanal and small scale miners to live a safer better life in the gold mining industry. Fairtrade makes sure workers in these mines are paid fairly as well as made aware of health and safety as small-scale mining tends to involve work in dark, narrow tunnels with poor ventilation. The use of dynamite to crack gold-containing rocks, as well as toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide to refine gold, further exacerbate the dangerous working conditions. 

worker making gold bar
raw gold for wedding rings

What fairtrade gold means

Fairtrade Gold means supporting the millions of gold mine workers to make sure they receive fair wages and work in safe environments. Buying fair trade gold means buying from fair trade certified mines Fairtrade certification aims at banning all forms of conflict minerals from the gold supply chain, so that the gold trade does not fuel instability and conflict in mining areas. At the same time, Fairtrade supports artisanal and small scale miner cooperatives to acquire legal status for their operations and enables miners to act collectively against any form of discrimination.

Interested in fairtrade gold?

We are working towards making all of the gold we work with from Fairtrade supply chains. Currently Fairtrade Gold is only available with our plain bands. If you are interested in any of our other rings and would like to make it with Fairtrade Gold feel free to contact us and we will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss possible options for fufilling your needs. 

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