Bespoke wedding rings

a wedding ring can speak a thousand words

We know planning the perfect wedding can be stressful enough and the last thing you want is to spend forever trying to find the perfect wedding ring for your very special day. That's why here we offer a bespoke wedding rings service to make having the perfect wedding ring less of a hassle without charging the earth for it.

We don't believe in mass produced rings as your wedding ring should be as special as the wedding day itself. A majority of wedding rings in the jewellery industry are cut off a long length of metal tube and machine finished which leads to faults going unnoticed until its reached you the customer, but at Jade Wedding Rings we believe a high quality hand crafted ring can last a lifetime. 

"If only we did this before the months of searching, would of saved me months of stress"

- Richard & Sarah

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What we can do for you

With the world of engagement ring design getting ever more unique finding an wedding ring to compliment it off the shelf can be a mission within itself and we aim to change that. Along with our Hatton Garden, London based workshops we can create whatever it is your heart desires. we also believe a bespoke wedding ring should not cost more than a off the shelf ring, so with us you can expect to not pay through the nose for your wedding ring. 

One of the more common designs for bespoke wedding rings is a shaped to fit band which compliments your engagement ring perfectly to create harmony on your finger. we create these to bring up the overall look of your engagement ring whilst creating a stunning wedding ring. this approach stops rubbing and conflict between the two rings.

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"ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE. I couldn't of imagined a more perfect ring. Thank you soo much"

- Mohammad & Kimberley

The Design Process

We offer our bespoke service in our Hatton Garden store in order to have the best one on one experience. You can work with one of our wedding ring specialists using our wide range of sample rings to create a stunning completely personalised wedding ring. 

Our specialist will sit with you to work out what it is you need such as which metal you like, with or without diamonds, we want you to be in control of the ring you design. Our specialist is just there to make it a reality. Once the finer details have been discussed we will be able to give you a quotation and once approved the making process is started.

We will produce a 3D CAD image & wax model of your ring design so you can see exactly what it will look like.  This will be the time for small tweaks to be made before creating the final piece.

Now for the easy part... Receiving the ring of your dreams.

To start the process contact us below and we will be in touch to arrange a time