Jade Wedding rings

We started with a brick and mortar store in Hatton Garden and are now bringing our wedding ring expertise online for a wider availability to everyone.

Who we are

Jade Wedding Rings started as a brick and mortar shop in Hatton Garden with an aim to be become wedding ring specialists. After nearly 30 years in business we built a name for ourselves as one of the best places in Hatton Garden to buy wedding rings with the largest dedicated wedding ring showroom on the street. We felt it wasn't right to keep our knowledge and products to ourselves so we expanded to bring our expertise to the world of online sales. We are happy to supply wedding rings for the special day to many around the country and world.

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Why Wedding rings

Traditionally Hatton Garden is known for diamonds with many shops specialising in engagement rings but with fewer shops selling wedding bands. We wanted to change that tradition as we feel wedding rings are equally as important if not more important for your special wedding day. We wanted to create somewhere that people can find, design or create their perfect wedding band whilst making the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. This is why we have created an online store dedicated to wedding bands (and gifts for your special day of course) to put all of your possible needs in one place.
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Spending money on items such a jewellery can be daunting, we have created a few guides and blog posts to help ease the stress and to help you make the right choices for yourself