Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Firstly, congratulations on the upcoming wedding day. The world of jewellery can be very vast and sometimes overwhelming, due to this we can only advise being prepared before diving in head first. There will be a number of things to consider which we have listed below:




We offer 7 variations of metal: Platinum, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 18ct Rose Gold, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold and 9ct Rose Gold. If you are looking for a white band then platinum or white gold is the way to go, platinum being the stronger of the 2 metals and it is also a pure white metal throughout. White gold on the other hand is a mostly yellow metal with a rhodium plating which can wear over time. Yellow Gold is the traditional gold colour and works very well with the more 'traditional' style bands. Rose gold is known as a more modern metal. It has a rose/red hue and is a warmer tone of gold. Although not completely neccessary we would usually advise matching the metal of the wedding ring with the metal of the engagement ring as a stronger metal such as platinum can wear down the plating and metal quicker of a softer metal such as 18ct Gold.



When choosing to have a diamond set wedding band, how the diamonds are set is an important part of the decision. There are 4 main diamond setting styles each available with slight variations. 

Micro Set BandRubover Set Band
                      Channel Set                                                      Grain Set                                                     Micro Set                                                 Rubover Set


Diamond set wedding bands have become increasingly popular amongst both men and women. Diamonds can give more character to the bands and can compliment the engagement ring when chosen correctly.



The width of a diamond set band is mostly dictated by the size of the diamonds. When choosing a plain band the width plays an important part in the design. All of our bands are available in 2mm to 7mm in width. If a wider ring is required customised rings are available, contact us through our contact page.

The profile of the band is another aspect to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding band. We offer rings in 4 profiles, Court, Flat Court, D-Shape and High Dome. Bands with an interior court shaped are great for a more comfortable fit.


Wedding Ring Profile


Finger Size

Quite possibly the most important decision when choosing a wedding ring... As perfect as the ring may be, if it doesn't fit, you cant wear it. We try to make getting the correct finger size as easy as possible by offering a free ring sizer which you can use to make sure the fit is perfect. Click here for your free ring sizer.



We have tried to include as many options as possible in our ring collections but we understand we can't cover everything. We like to be as flexible as possible so if there is any customisation or additional things you would like, you can leave a message in the order notes or contact us through either our contact form here, or the live chat and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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