Mens Ring Buying Guide


Men tend to have a slightly harder time picking a wedding ring, so i have put together a guide to help you find something that is comfortable but matched your style and lifestyle. This is my personal opinion and guidance only.


One of the first thing people may notice on your wedding band is the colour of the metal, now days the silver metals tend to be the most popular although many years ago gold would have been the metal of choice. My advice would be unless you have a reason to go with white gold, go with platinum as it is a white metal throughout and very strong, perfect for the more physical activities (its advisable to take off during sports/gym). On the other hand yellow gold is seeing a resurgence so if your looking to be ahead of the curve this may be the way to go. If in doubt a little trick is to match a watch if you have one you wear regularly.


This is something which is more of a personal preference but typically the most popular width for men is 4mm - 6mm. We offer all widths from 2mm to 8mm with further customised options available by contacting us here. One thing to consider is that the wider the ring the heavier the ring which is something to bare in mind.



We supply 4 different profiles for wedding bands to keep things from being too complicated. For the more traditional style we have the traditional court shape which mixes a classic look on the outside with a comfort fit inside. We have a flat court profile for a more modern looking wedding ring. The D-Shape band like the court a traditional outside but has a flat inside. Lastly the High dome is shaped like the court but with a higher dome on the outside. I have included below cross sections of the 4 styles.

Wedding band profile shape guide



There is endless design options when it comes to wedding bands and we cannot think of them all, so we allow the option of fully bespoke bands. Diamonds are not just for women, we offer the ability to diamond set men's bands as well. We have included a small range of bands with different finishes like bevelled edges and sating finishes. If there is any customisation you would like or a fully bespoke ring you can contact us here and a consultant will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


Finger Size

This may be one of the hardest decisions for guys as most tend to not wear rings or have any point of reference such as an engagement ring for women. We've taken this into consideration and thought of a solution to make it as easy as possible to find your size. We can send you a free ring size guide with no obligations. Click here and fill out our form and we will get one in the post to you.

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